April 28th, 2019, 3:04 pm
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Xero Boomer April 28th, 2019, 3:04 pm
NICK POLAR BEAR Hey there! Do you like superpowers?, do you like polar bears?, How about super human's transforming into super human polar bears, and everything under the sun? If so then I found the series for you! I have just finished with what Squirreltastic-Blue has so far created with their world affectionately known as "Nick Polar Bear".

This is an action packed superhero comic series, with emphasis on the "super"! It is a well rounded story that jumps off the pages and kicks you in the face with creativity. Although the drawing is somewhat gritty, this comic still gives many eye catching and eye pleasing panels throughout his body of work. He uses shadows and mood lighting to set certain tones to deepen his characters struggles or joviality.

From witches, to robots, to ice cream selling penguins, This story has a ton of elements that when combined together give "Nick Polar Bear" an identity all of it's own. He delves deep into each character, giving you more than just a one sided persona that could go into "trope" territory. These heroes are quirky and identifiable, giving a true life to this series that I personally enjoyed reading. If you are looking for a lengthy comic that keeps your attention, then this one should do the trick at 369 pages and counting :) The action scenes are pretty cool and intense, although I guess I would put a few more action phrases in between the fighting, but that's a personal opinion is all. I still enjoyed myself getting into all the "super" ass kicking that was going around.

One thing I thought was a pretty cool idea were the "breaking" pages that gives you a small game to play before going back to the story. It is a 90's throw-back for me because a lot of underground comics I read at that time had those little fun side quests, From a hero maze to others games, this is just a little fun page to involve the reader!

Hands down, this comic is a one of a kind gem that you might add to your collection simply based on how off the wall intriguing it is! The plot is an ass kicking treat that makes this series unlike any other comic adventure you have been on. So, if magical stones that transform your body into a deity like superhero sounds like a party, then give Squirreltastic Blue's "NICK POLAR BEAR" a chance today! It very well may have you screaming...

[url]http://nickpolarbear.smackjeeves.com/chapters/83169/issue-01-the-bear-and-the-bir d/[/url]
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